Ideas are Better Hatched Together: Collaborating for Change

Ideas are Better Hatched Together: Collaborating for Change

November 18, 2012 at 03:11pm

For several years, educators and policymakers have been talking about “collaboration” as a powerful way to improve learning in the classroom. This includes the widely recognized benefits of collaborative student learning, and the growing consensus that knowledge sharing helps educators improve lesson planning, opens up opportunities and helps to enrich learning environments.

More recently, teachers, school systems and others are exploring how social networking can contribute to these collaborations. Examples abound. One nonprofit focused on education reform looks at how teachers and administrators can leverage the benefits of “crowdsourcing” to solve problems, generate ideas, and create innovations in the classroom and wider school. A company providing platforms for online collaboration in education suggests that social media can be a powerful tool to promote student collaboration on tasks such original research. And platforms like Kickstarter have brought people of all ages the potential for funding to help bring their bright ideas to life.

Today, education reformers are looking to bring this power of collaboration to reform on the macro level of the global education-reform community. A perfect example of this is the fourth annual World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) to be held November 13-15 in Doha. The theme for the 2012 Summit is “Collaborating for Change”. Over three days, the Summit will address three themes: 1) what new kinds of education are needed for today’s changing world, 2) what are the barriers to the implementation of these changes, and 3) what forms of collaboration might best facilitate practical and effective progress in designing the future of education.

For more information on the WISE initiative click here and for details of the WISE Summit program, click here.

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