How GE is Helping the World Cope With 7 Billion People

How GE is Helping the World Cope With 7 Billion People

November 01, 2011 at 03:11am

The United Nations estimates that as of today the world population surpassed seven billion. This is more than double the total from 1965. The growth is primarily coming from three areas: India, the Arab world, and sub-Saharan and East Africa.

Here’s a look at how GE technology and ideas are working to ease the burdens of for the Arab world:

The arid Arab countries closely track India in terms of population growth. Water is a precious resource in the region. The global percentage of treated wastewater is currently hovering at 4%, but demand and scarcity are expected to push reuse to 33% by 2026. The roots of GE’s water treatment business date back to 1925. As part of its Ecomagination initiative, GE’s goal is to reduce water use by 20%. Today it operates more than 500 water reuse projects treating some 1 billion gallons of water every day, 0.85% of the world’s daily use. For example, in Kuwait City GE operates the world’s largest membrane- based filtration project treating 100 million gallons per day. The water is used for irrigation and frees fresh water for human consumption. Today, Kuwait reuses 91% of its wastewater.

To read about the rest of the regions, see full post here.

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