How a ‘Shopping Trip’ Helped an Oil and Gas Customer Increase Field Production

How a ‘Shopping Trip’ Helped an Oil and Gas Customer Increase Field Production

September 01, 2015 at 11:09am

When Wessam Nassar, New Technology Business Development Manager went “shopping” at the GE Store earlier last year, he and his colleagues selected three GE tools, then integrated them into a single, simple Industrial Internet solution that helped their customer increase oil field production by a whopping 5%-7%.

That’s twice the production increase that the customer anticipated when GE proposed the solution. Building on a deep understanding of the customer’s business and priorities, the GE team developed a solution that has been so successful that the oil producer is implementing the solution across all its fields.

Production increases of this magnitude are particularly valuable in an environment where oil prices are hovering at levels nearly half their 2014 peak. In this lower oil-price environment, field operators are focused on the twin goals of increasing production and lowering lifting costs.

To address this, Wessam realized four things were required: detailed onsite well data, proper analysis of the data, drawing correct conclusions from the data and sending instructions based on those conclusions to the well operators. As well, the customer wanted to achieve this while minimizing equipment failure.

To address all four issues, Wessam and his team went to the GE Store, where they were confident they would find just the solutions required from among the global company’s vast resources, technologies and products.

From GE Oil & Gas’s tools, they selected Field Vantage, a software that collects oil and gas well data, and Z-Sight™, a software solution that takes this collected oil and gas well data and analyzes it to identify ways to optimize well operations. They then added SmartSignal™, a product located within the global solution, to predict failures. The next challenge was to integrate these separate technologies into a single platform that was secure and easy for the customer to operate.

The new solution, called Field Vantage, collects data from the wells, analyzes it, then sends the optimal well operations parameters back in a simple text message format that the field engineers can instantly apply. Although not done in this case, the solution has the capability to implement the parameter changes automatically.

The success of the development process and the Industrial Internet solution was the result of collaboration across GE teams, including GE Kuwait, GE Artificial Lift, GE Intelligent Platforms, and GE Well Performance Services, as well as the close cooperation and shared vision of the customer.

GE is already in discussions with other customers in the region and elsewhere around the world to apply this solution in their fields, demonstrating both the innovation and value to its oil and gas customers, and the breadth of solutions and technologies that GE can bring to its customers toughest challenges by tapping the tremendous resource of the GE Store.

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