Hello, HAdeer! GE Welcomes its Newest Family Member to the Region

Hello, HAdeer! GE Welcomes its Newest Family Member to the Region

February 21, 2017 at 02:02pm

GE recently welcomed the arrival of the newest member of its family to the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and Pakistan region: HAdeer. He is GE’s HA gas turbine technology in the region – the world’s largest, most-efficient heavy duty gas turbine – and is already at the Bhikki Power Plant in Pakistan.

GE Hewar had a chance to catch up with the talented HAdeer, who graciously answered our questions.

GE Hewar: Hi HAdeer. How’s it going?

HAdeer: I’m feeling great, getting ready to run and add the spin to heavy metal!

GE Hewar: How do you like your new home?

HAdeer: I couldn’t be happier. This advanced plant gives me a super platform to do what I love most.

GE Hewar: What’s that?

HAdeer: Producing electricity for homes, businesses and factories. After all, reliable electricity is one of the most important factors for sustainable development. Pakistan is experiencing an electricity shortfall that hovers around 5,000 MW today. That has a real impact on everything from the cost of doing business, to what time people can do laundry. When it’s complete, the Bhikki combined-cycle power plant will deliver up to 1,180MW of electricity, enough energy to power ~2.5 million Pakistani homes.

GE Hewar: That’s impressive! Speaking of homes, I heard you had quite a journey travelling to your new home in Bhikki. Tell us a little about that.

HAdeer: Well, to make my way to my new home here at the Bhikki Power Plant, I had to get to the sea, then sail across the ocean, then ride more than 1,200 km inland from the port in Karachi to Bhikki.

GE Hewar: Is that such a big deal? Lots of goods and equipment travel around the world from where they are made to where they are used.

HAdeer: In my case, it’s a VERY big deal. What many people don’t know is that I weigh nearly 400 tons, so it took a lot of planning by a lot of people to bring me to my new home. They used special cranes to lift me, special trailers to move me over highways. They even had to clear certain roads to get me home.

GE Hewar: Whoa, 400 tons! That’s as much as two really large blue whales.

HAdeer: That’s true but you know what’s even cooler than how I got here? It was how I came to life. GE had to hang in there for many long years, spend almost US$2 billion and bring together more than 5,000 scientists and engineers across multiple locations to bring me into the world.

GE Hewar: Incredible! You know, I can’t help noticing how cool you are. Where do you get that from?

HAdeer: Not to brag, but I’m pretty unique. I’m air-cooled and use technology from GE’s jet engine unit to withstand internal temperatures over 1,400 degrees Celsius.

GE Hewar: Wait. What does an airplane engine have to do with powering cities and factories?

HAdeer: Turns out, quite a lot. In fact, GE calls its strategy of finding ways to exchange technologies and knowledge across different GE businesses, people and locations the GE Store.

GE Hewar: The GE Store must be well equipped if it can help you withstand temperatures of 1,400 degrees Celsius – that’s as hot as lava inside a volcano.

GE Hewar: What else makes you proud?

HAdeer:  Recently, my GE HA family helped set a record for powering the world’s most efficient combined-cycle plant in Bouchain, France, helping them achieve an efficiency rate of up to 62.22%.

GE Hewar: Why is that so important? What’s the big deal about efficiency?

HAdeer: If you’re running a power plant, efficiency is what it all boils down to at the end of the day. It means less fuel consumed per megawatt of energy produced, fewer emissions per megawatt of energy generated and lower life cycle costs. That’s why it matters that I am the most efficient heavy duty gas turbine in the world today.

GE Hewar: One last question – are there others like you?

HAdeer: Yes, my GE HA family is, or soon will be, powering communities from France to Brazil. Also, Bhikki is only my first home in the region. I’m also going to have a home in Bahrain. I’ll tell you more about that when we meet in the future.

GE Hewar: Sounds like a plan! Thanks so much for your time today, HAdeer. We’ll be following your progress closely.

HAdeer: Thank you. It’s been fun! I’ll be sharing regular updates and lots of cool information, so stay tuned for more…

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