Healthymagination in Algeria: Preventive Medicine, Easier Access to Care

Healthymagination in Algeria: Preventive Medicine, Easier Access to Care

May 13, 2014 at 06:05pm

A first-of-a-kind healthcare study in Algeria has found that cardiovascular disease and cancer are top health worries for citizens, while the cost of healthcare also is a concern. On the other hand, Algerians feel healthier today than five years ago and expect to be even healthier over the next five years.

The study, conducted by GE Healthcare, found that 53% of the respondents said the cost of a doctor’s visit discourages them from seeking care. Other findings from the study show that Algerians are optimistic about their health, with 57% saying they are more likely to be healthier over the next five years, while 55% of Algerians say their health is better than it was five years ago. They say improving health in the next few years will come from a healthy diet (24%), playing sports (24%), taking care of oneself (17%) and an optimistic outlook (11%).

These findings come as GE launches in Algeria its global initiative, Healthymagination, which aims to improve the countrywide access, quality and affordability of healthcare, through the emphasis on early diagnosis and innovative technologies that enhance access to care. The launch also will help address Algerians’ key healthcare concerns by working with public and private sector partners to bring localized innovations through research and clinical excellence.

GE, which is the only direct global provider of advanced healthcare technologies in the country, has a team of 97 Algerian employees working in healthcare and has opened the GE Healthcare Advanced Applications Center, a training facility for Algerian healthcare professionals that strengthens localization by building a talent pool of experts in the country. Located in Val d’Hydra, Algiers, the center is expected to train up to 1,500 professionals a year.

Algeria, which has nearly doubled per capita government spending on health over the past decade, is working with companies such as GE to boost public-private partnerships in the field of healthcare. H.E. Mr. Abdelmalek Boudiaf, Algeria’s Minister of Public Health, marked the official launch of Healthymagination in the country, as did John Dineen, President & CEO of GE Healthcare.

GE provides advanced solutions to several hospitals in Algeria, with 2,200 healthcare technologies deployed across the country. For more on GE Healthcare in Algeria, click here.

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