Healthcare management during Hajj

Healthcare management during Hajj

November 03, 2011 at 07:11am

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health has received the finalized plan from GE Healthcare detailing the comprehensive support to be extended by the company to the healthcare management strategies of the Ministry during the Hajj period.

GE Healthcare will provide its advanced medical technologies as well as experienced manpower to support the healthcare management programs of the Ministry in the cities of Makkah and Madinah.

Among the highlights is the introduction of the Cyber FE Tele-Service an integrated approach that offers video support, greater site information for faster diagnosis, and immediate transmission for better and quicker care. GE Healthcare will also set up a temporary dedicated Hajj backlog in Makkah, with sufficient quantities of all critical medical equipment and spares.

As part of the finalized plan, GE will provide 20 highly skilled personnel to support the Ministry operations. The personnel assigned will include senior field engineers, leaders, service center agents and logistics specialists. GE will also enhance its stock of healthcare support equipment in Makkah and Riyadh that will ensure timely assistance to hospitals and medical stations in providing prompt care to the pilgrims.

GE is providing its advanced healthcare technologies including CT scanners, MR, Cathlab, X-rays, monitors, incubators and vital medical equipment that will assist the 32 hospitals and 150 medical centers in Makkah, 12 hospitals and 515 centers in Madinah and 23 hospitals and 195 medical centers in the Hajj Main Area (Masha’er) with a total of over 33,000 beds.

The comprehensive healthcare management plan is supported by various Ministries including the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense and Aviation, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology and Ministry of Culture & Information, as well as Saudi Red Crescent and National Guard.

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