‘Green’ Light for Grosvenor House

‘Green’ Light for Grosvenor House

December 03, 2014 at 01:12pm

One of the great misperceptions about sustainability and environmental conservation is the idea that it involves compromises in areas such as quality, experience or value. A great example demonstrating that you can have luxury, excellence and huge energy-saving results is the lighting story at the Grosvenor Hotel Dubai.

As part of the broader efforts of this hotel to enhance its sustainability and become Green Key Certified, GE Lighting led a project to help the 45-story twin-towers complex install LED lights to replace the 24,500 halogen lights illuminating the 749 rooms, suites and apartments, and hotel common areas of this landmark Dubai hotel.

Drawing on its Energy Smart range, GE Lighting helped the hotel, which prides itself on its standards in luxury hospitality, to develop more energy efficient lighting that still sets the desired ambiance. Take a look at photos showing off the finished lighting project.

The GE Lighting solution helped this Luxury Collection Hotel of Starwood Hotels & Resorts reduce its energy use for lighting by 80%. This huge energy savings means that it will take only 18 months for the hotel to realize a full return on investment for this green lighting technology.

Lighting is just one part of the hotels’ sustainability initiatives. It also displays art created from recycled materials, uses sustainably sourced wood and operates a Green Programme, which together help Grosvenor House Dubai minimise its CO2 emissions, create a sustainable built environment and be a champion of sustainability in Dubai’s hospitality sector.

Similar energy savings through LED lighting can be achieved in a range of other settings, including office, retail, road and home. Visit GE Lighting to explore what those might look like.

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