Green Duba to Light Up Northwestern Saudi Arabia

Green Duba to Light Up Northwestern Saudi Arabia

January 11, 2015 at 01:01pm

Duba is a small Red Sea port town in northwestern Saudi Arabia, but it will soon be home to the Kingdom’s first integrated solar energy and combined-cycle power plant that also will be the first to use condensate as a gas turbine fuel.

Even more, as the first large utility-scale power plant in this corner of Saudi Arabia, the plant will provide a big boost to the ongoing economic development in the region, whose provincial capital is Tabuk.

The inclusion of both solar energy and condensate fuel in Green Dubai Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Plant supports efforts in Saudi Arabia to reduce domestic fuel consumption growth and represents “a true milestone for the Kingdom,” said Hisham Albahkali, GE President & CEO for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Green Duba will generate up to 550 megawatts (MW) of power from the combined-cycle plant and another 50 MW from solar energy – enough capacity to meet the equivalent energy needs of approximately 600,000 homes.

GE is providing key technology for the power plant, including two F-class turbines, both a 7F.05 turbine and a 7F.03 turbine; a steam turbine; generators; heat recovery steam generators (HRSG); a condenser; boiler feed pumps; a Mark VIe distributed control system and a long-term service agreement.

The F-class turbines provide the power plant operator, the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), with additional flexibility in fuel supply, as it is the first class of gas turbine to be able to operate on Arabian Super Light (ASL) crude oil, which will be the backup fuel. GE’s F-class gas turbines are the first to offer customers the ability to operate on ASL.

Today, GE assists in the generation of more than half the Kingdom’s power supply and has over 500 gas turbines installed in the Kingdom. GE equipment operates in approximately 40 SEC power plants—a partnership that spans over four decades

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