Generating Optimism about Electricity Availability in Iraq

Generating Optimism about Electricity Availability in Iraq

April 27, 2015 at 01:04pm

If you live in a country where you don’t even think about switching on your lights or where power availability is not a risk factor for your company, consider yourself lucky. For millions of Iraqis, however, electricity remains a daily uncertainty. The Iraqi government, and the Ministry of Electricity in particular, recognize that addressing power supply is urgent, both on quality-of-life and economic development levels.

That’s why the ministry has revitalized its independent power project initiative and why it is seeking to add 14 gigawatts (GW) of new electricity to the national grid. Aggressive development means that while 11 GW of capacity are now available, another 4 GW are already under construction, while the remaining 14 GW are needed to achieve Iraq’s strategic electricity goals.

GE Power & Water, which has more than tripled its cadre of Iraqi employees over the past three years to support the country’s power sector, also renewed its commitment during 2014-15 to the Ministry of Electricity as a preferred partner to deliver energy and services to the Iraqi people.

As part of this commitment, GE Power & Water was a Gold Sponsor and an exhibitor at the 2nd Ministry of Electricity exhibition recently held in Baghdad. GE’s stand provided an opportunity for the GE team to meet with local power plant managers, officials from the Ministry of Electricity and other customers. They discussed short- and long-term solutions to current and future challenges, while the stand served as a platform for conversation among leading players in the Iraqi electricity sector.

GE officials shared the company’s plans to continue hiring, developing and investing in local talent to help the country meet its growing power generation needs and broader economic development.

Deputy Prime Minister Baha’a al-Araji, Electricity Minister Qasim al-Fahdawi and other senior government officials from the Iraqi government attended the exhibition, alongside more than 300 participants, and more than 40 international and local companies from more than 15 countries.

For more than four decades, GE has been a committed partner to the Iraqi Minister of Electricity and the nation’s broader infrastructure development projects.

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