GE Water Iraq Customers’ Seminar

GE Water Iraq Customers’ Seminar

May 31, 2010 at 10:05am
Attendees of the GE Water Iraq Customers’ Seminar

Water is a natural solvent and it dissolves and collects whatever it touches – therefore water is contaminated faster than imagined. Safeguarding boilers, wastewater, refineries etc, to assure that the water doesn’t get polluted whilst in storage requires specialised solutions in which GE Water equipment and chemicals specialises.

GE Power & Water recently presented some of these solutions to a group of 24 Iraqis from 11 different government ministries and companies including representatives from Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity and Ministry of Industry. All attendees were professionals who work directly in water treatment utilities in their respective organisations.

The two-day seminar included discussions on GE methods and technologies for wastewater treatment, refineries treatment, fuel oil treatment and combustion technologies, reverse osmosis membranes treatment and oil and gas upstream capabilities.

This was the second such function to take place in Iraq that addressed Iraqi technology needs. The first event was Technology Day which showcased GE solutions for sensors and non-destructive testing, security and life safety, power system protection and control, and plant automation and embedded computing systems.

Iraq being a key market, GE puts much focus on connecting with existing and potential customers in the country with whom they can work to help put infrastructures in place and explore business opportunities that would benefit both the country and company.

GE focuses on connecting with existing and potential customers in the Iraqi infrastructure industry and continues to explore business opportunities that benefit both the country and Company.

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