GE Volunteers: Making a Difference in Cairo

GE Volunteers: Making a Difference in Cairo

March 05, 2014 at 11:03am

There are many ways to show support to others, but for more than 50 GE Volunteers in Cairo, they made very personal and very direct contributions to fellow Cairenes in need. In February, as part of GE’s ongoing efforts to build strong communities across the region, these volunteers participated in two activities, including a blood drive and a supportive visit to a women’s weaving workshop and associated kindergarten that are located in a low-income district in Cairo.

In mid-February, 54 GE Volunteers participated in the blood drive, which took place at the Cairo office. This initiative came in response to a call for donations from the Demerdash Hospital. The hospital made the request to help save the lives of 450 patients suffering from Mediterranean anemia, another name for the blood disease Thalassemia that requires those with the illness to receive regular blood transfusions. Employees were examined and proven eligible before making this life-giving contribution.

A week later, a group of 12 GE Volunteers participated in a “Food and Education” themed initiative in partnership with Gannat El Koloud, a non-governmental organization. The volunteers visited a women’s workshop and kindergarten located in the El Doweika neighborhood. The women in the workshop weave carpets and sew clothes to help generate income to cover the expenses of the kindergarten, which serves underprivileged children living in the neighborhood. During the visit, the GE Volunteers distributed food packages and read books to the workers and students.

Across the region, GE Volunteers participate in activities to support local communities, including a recently concluded five-day cycling challenge that raised $88,000 in contributions, including a matching gift from GE.

GE Volunteers is a global initiative of GE that works with local organizations to address societal needs by inviting GE employees to contribute in ways that helps build stronger communities. Globally, GE’s employees volunteer more than 1.3 million hours of community service every year.

For more on GE’s community initiatives in the region, click here

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