GE Volunteers Bring Gym and Physical Learning Equipment to Algerian School for Visually Impaired Children

GE Volunteers Bring Gym and Physical Learning Equipment to Algerian School for Visually Impaired Children

May 24, 2015 at 01:05pm

Normally, we don’t notice the sound that a football makes as it rolls across the ground. But for a group of 50 GE Volunteers, that changed during a recent visit to the historic School of Visually Impaired Children (EEHV) in El Achour, Algeria.

Opened in 1967, EEHV was the first special-needs school to open in Algeria and today provides a valuable learning environment to approximately 200 visually impaired students, 5 to 20 years old.

Before the day of the GE Volunteers’ visit to the school, GE employees in Algeria raised more than DZD 400,000 purchase equipment for the school’s new psychomotricity room, including physical therapy equipment, gymnastics balls, trampolines, floor mats and other learning and practice equipment. Psychomotricity refers to the practice of using physical activity for educational and therapeutic purposes.

The volunteers began their visit with a thorough cleanup across the school. After that, they shared lunch with the school children, and then facilitated a game of football for the visually impaired students. They play using a football with a bell inside, thereby allowing the athletes to hear the ball’s location.

To volunteer is a core element of our corporate culture at GE,” said Touffik Fredj, CEO of GE in Algeria, who was among the volunteers. This day filled with good cheer and sharing was important in providing a special day for our employees and for the kids of EEHV.”

During the day, GE showed its concern for the environment and support to local SMEs by calling on the services of Green Phoenix, a local recycling start-up, to process the trash generated during the day’s events.

GE Volunteers are active globally, as part of a worldwide initiative of GE that works with local organizations to address social needs by inviting GE employees to contribute in ways that help build stronger communities. Globally, GE’s employees volunteer more than 1.3 million hours of community service every year through nearly 240 volunteer committees in 55 countries.

In Algeria, GE Volunteers organizations have been active since 2013, supporting local communities with beach cleanups, food donation initiatives, blood donation drives, tree plantings and iftar dinners during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

From community development to economic development, GE has been a longterm partner to Algeria’s public and private sectors for decades.

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