GE Training Helps Sonelgaz Leverage Power Sector Innovation

GE Training Helps Sonelgaz Leverage Power Sector Innovation

March 04, 2018 at 04:03pm

Innovation is revolutionizing the power sector. Just consider what’s happening in areas like equipment upgrades, digital industrial solutions, enhanced maintenance, and new turbines. However, to benefit from these innovations, companies need employees trained with the right skills.

Sonelgaz, Algeria’s national electricity utility, understands this and is committed to training its workforce and contributing to the country’s national development goals. As part of this effort, GE Algeria Turbines (GEAT) – a joint venture created by GE and Sonelgaz – recently provided training to more than 50 Sonelgaz employees – both executives and technical staff.

“Innovations in the energy sector are accelerating its transformation. It is imperative to support our partners in this transition, and training remains a vital tool in this mission. The GEAT training program is specifically designed for the client and adapted to their needs, in order to strengthen their management skills and enable their technical teams to operate in a competitive and increasingly complex environment,” declared Mr. Touffik Fredj, CEO of GE North-West Africa.

The first training session, which took place in January 2018, included 27 managers and executives from SPE and was developed to strengthen their capacities in the areas of leadership and change management. The second session took place at the Boufarik plant from the 25th of February to the 1st of March and trained an additional 27 participants on how to implement a new maintenance strategy adopted by the company. The training welcomed maintenance division staff from Boufarik and Hassi R’mel 2 power stations and was designed for technical staff such as engineers, technicians and maintenance managers.

Mr. Sabri Lazhari, President and CEO of Sonelgaz SPE said, “Coaching, a motivated and trained staff are required in order to consolidate our position as a national and regional leader in the electricity generation segment, to maximize return on the investments made and complex technologies acquired, as well as to achieve international standards of cost and reliability. The choice of a world-renowned partner like GE to support us in this approach is a strategic option to achieve these objectives, and builds on the history and strength of our relationship, which dates back several decades.”

The training program is part of the implementation of a contract signed on April 24th, 2017 between SPE and GEAT, which includes long-term operations and maintenance services for 10 plants across the country that together generate 11 gigawatts of power, a capacity building system for energy efficiency that will deliver 420 megawatts of additional power with greater fuel efficiency, as well as the introduction of GE’s digital solutions, for which a Monitoring & Diagnostics center has already been inaugurated at the end of 2017.

The training reflects the deep partnership between Sonelgaz and GE in other areas that strengthen Algeria’s energy ecosystem. The two organizations are building a new production complex – GEAT – in Ain Yagout, in the province of Batna, that will annually be able to manufacture equipment with the capacity to generate up to 1.5 gigawatts of power to meet the growing demand for electricity in the country. GEAT will manufacture the first “Made in Algeria” turbines.

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