GE to Help Strengthen Plant Productivity in Abu Dhabi’s Das Island Facilities

GE to Help Strengthen Plant Productivity in Abu Dhabi’s Das Island Facilities

April 02, 2015 at 12:04pm

Das Island is a small 4.8-sq-km rectangular splash of land located 160 km off the Abu Dhabi coast in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). While it’s easy to see that the island is surrounded by water, it’s not as obvious that the island also is surrounded by numerous offshore oil and gas fields, making the island a big part of Abu Dhabi’s energy sector.

Among the many facilities on the island is the ADGAS gas liquefaction plant that annually sends approximately 8 million tons of associated and non-associated natural gas to customers around the world.

Through the long-term service agreement, GE Oil & Gas will support full maintenance including the supply of parts, repair and services and the provision of a resident team for GE Frame 5 2D gas turbines as well as associated centrifugal compressors. These compressors help the plant produce LNG.

In a move that will help ADGAS further develop its local capabilities, GE Oil & Gas will provide training for a number of UAE ADGAS engineers in the area of maintenance and service on the GE gas turbines and centrifugal compressors.

GE has a long-term commitment and extensive operations in the UAE, examples of which include Gulf Turbine Services LLC, an Abu Dhabi-based joint venture between GE Oil & Gas and Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies. The company offers advanced repair technologies for turbines. GE Oil & Gas also has a Measurement Solutions Calibration Lab in the CERT Technology Park in Abu Dhabi and is developing the GE Oil & Gas Manufacturing & Technology Center in Jebel Ali, which will provide tailored training programs, and features a dedicated repair center that will help improve speed-of-service delivered to customers.

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