GE Supports UAE’s Leadership Development Drive

GE Supports UAE’s Leadership Development Drive

September 21, 2016 at 01:09pm

Ask anyone living in the UAE –Emirati or expatriate –about the country’s leadership and the response will uniformly praise their vision and ability to get things done.So there’s no question the UAE government understands the importance of building the next generation of leaders. GE does too.

As a result of this shared perspective, GE has signed an MoU late last year with the UAE Prime Minister’s Office to support the‘UAE Government Leaders Program’,an initiative designed to develop the next generation of Emirati leaders across various industries, including aviation,energy, and healthcare.

GE, which is the first private-sector company to sign an MoU to support the UAE leadership program, draws on decades of experience building its own leaders, having launched the world’s first major corporate university in Crotonville in 1956.

“The UAE government and GE share a commitment to the strategic development of leaders,” said Dr. Dalya Al Muthanna, President and CEO of GE in the Gulf. “We are pleased to be building partnerships, deepening our local presence and contributing in innovative ways to the UAE’s long-term development.”

The MoU includes initiatives such as “Leaders Teaching Leaders: 21st Century Leadership Insights from GE Leaders”; the first of which was conducted by John Flannery, President & CEO of GE Healthcare.

at the UAE Prime Minister’s Office and attended by senior executives from various government, semi-government & private entities.

Another recent initiative held in May was when a group of UAE Government Leaders Program participants and alumni traveled to GE’s global training center spanning across 59-acres in Crotonville for a multi-day program. The tailored program included a ‘Big Data’ session by William Ruh, Chief Digital Officer, a visit to the GE Global Research Center, an introduction into ‘FastWorks – GE’s initiative to promote a ‘start-up’ culture that includes innovative, nimble and quick-iterating characteristics, a speech discussing ‘GE Leadership Philosophy’ by Jack Ryan, Vice President of Executive Development & Learning at GE; and closing remarks from GE Chairman & CEO Jeffrey Immelt.

The aim of the Crotonville visit was to strengthen participants’ leadership capabilities as a part of their UAE Government Leaders Program.The participants returned home, excited to implement the strategies and innovations they developed during their tailored Crotonville program. One leader has already begun implementing FastWorks within his organization.

“We have learned so much from our Emirati participants and we look forward to bringing these learnings back to the GE organization,” Dr. Dalya Al Muthanna added.

Participants from the Crotonville visit consisted of a pool of CEOs, directors, managers and diplomats. They came from various UAE government and semi-government entities.

The MoU with the UAE Prime Minister’s Office was led from GE’s side by KhaleeGE; a network of Gulf national employees. KhaleeGE seeks to strengthen internal networks and career development among Gulf national employees, foster GE’s engagement with local communities across the region, as well as build a pipeline of talent in the Gulf region.

GE has been a longtime partner to the UAE government helping address tough challenges and offer creative solutions in the fields of energy, healthcare, power and aviation by applying advanced technologies and innovation.

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