GE looks to light up our journey ahead

GE looks to light up our journey ahead

June 27, 2011 at 08:06am

Saudi Arabia today has an enviable road network – be it the arrow-straight highways that bisect the deserts, or the complex switchbacks and loops that thread their way through the mountains, any long distance journey promises to be a dramatic testament to the expertise of the country’s engineers.

One of the most important consideration for keeping drivers safe on those roads is lighting. From cats-eyes to boundary markers to high-output street lamps, it’s easy to take our nocturnal illumination for granted. But legacy lighting can be expensive, inefficient and hard to maintain.

That’s why GE is holding a seminar on lighting ahead of the Road Planning Design and Construction Saudi Arabia Summit, being held in from June 26-29. Speaking to lighting designers, architects and other industry professionals, GE’s experts will be making the case for GE’s LED based future lighting solutions, which ensure high levels of safety and visibility while cutting energy costs by up to 70 per cent and cutting maintenance down-time.

Saudi Arabia already possesses more than 220,000km of roads – and the harsh climate means regular maintenance is essential. That offers plenty of opportunity to upgrade lighting systems to the latest, brightest, cleanest and most cost effective solutions. With the government allocating around $3 billion to build a further 6,600 kilometers of roads across the country, it looks like there’s a bright future ahead on the Kingdom’s highways.

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