GE Hewar Week for Women: Inspired by International Women’s Day – part 2

GE Hewar Week for Women: Inspired by International Women’s Day – part 2

March 06, 2012 at 07:03am

Menha Samy – Senior Legal Counsel – GE

March 8 is International Women’s Day, a global celebration of the many achievements of women throughout the world. GE Hewar is dedicating the week running up to this important day to showcasing the gifted, pioneering women that work at GE. We recently posted about Sandra Aziz, the first female field engineer in the Middle East. Today we want to highlight the inspirational career of:

Menha Samy – Senior Legal Counsel – GE

Menha is a new addition to the GE family. Before joining four months ago, she forged a successful career in Cairo as a lawyer and businesswoman. Starting out as a junior lawyer, which she left in the lofty position of partner.

She succeeded despite some of the challenges that faces Arab women who want rewarding, fulfilling careers: a decade ago, the first Arab Human Development Report said that the lack of women’s rights was one of the main factors that most hindered the region’s progress.

In Egypt, although more and more women are working, going to university, and entering political life, they still face challenges and hurdles that their male counterparts simply do not. Menha’s rise to being a partner in a respected law firm, therefore, looks all the more impressive.

Samy puts her success down to her belief that hard work, perseverance, ethics and self-respect are the keys to getting ahead. She also says that her parents, colleagues and friends have played a key role in her development.

Her overall inspiration has been Princess Diana, a strong woman, she believes, who used her position to inspire and empower other women.

What message would Menha like to give women around the world? “Be proud of yourselves whatever you are doing, because you will always will make a difference.”

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