GE Garages Sets Up at TEDx Talk in Algiers

GE Garages Sets Up at TEDx Talk in Algiers

May 10, 2015 at 05:05pm

TEDx talks are places where people gather to share futuristic visions, innovative thinking and challenging ideas. But is it a place for a garage? Yes, when it’s a “GE Garages” workshop that uses real equipment  to bring the disruptive and exciting concept of advanced manufacturing alive.

The garage was a big hit — engaging more than 1,200 students — when set up on the sidelines of the recently held TEDxENP event at the Ecole Nationale Polytechnique in Algiers. Reflecting the atmosphere of the gathering, the organizers of TEDxENP said: “We want to show people that things or facts are not always what they seem to be; we want to break down common beliefs to open minds.”

GE Garages provided hands-on demonstrations of how these tools and technologies are changing the nature of manufacturing — from concept development to prototyping and product refinement to production.

The GE Garages workshop in Algeria is part of the much broader I.D.E.A. (Industry and Entrepreneurship Development in Algeria) initiative, which GE launched last year with Sonelgaz — the National Electricity and Gas Company. The goal of I.D.E.A. is to nurture local Algerian innovation in the energy-sector supply chain and foster Algerian talent for industrial jobs.

Boosting the nation’s manufacturing sector is a government priority to support economic growth and diversification. Innovative manufacturing technologies can play a big part in that effort.

GE Garages has already been presented several times in Algeria, including at the GE Suppliers Conference in September 2014 at Safex Algiers,  and at the Université des Sciences et Technologies d’Oran (The Science and Technology University in Oran)

More than 600 GE employees —— work at the company’s two offices and two manufacturing and maintenance facilities in the country. Led by strong and long-term partnerships, GE supports the energy, oil & gas, power and water sectors of the country, having provided more than 450 gas turbines. Through its partnership with Sonelgaz, GE supports an installed power capacity of 7,900 MW of electricity, while power projects under construction will add 5,600 MW of additional power thanks to GE technology.

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