GE Foundation and AMIDEAST to strengthen English language teaching in MENA schools

GE Foundation and AMIDEAST to strengthen English language teaching in MENA schools

May 17, 2012 at 09:05am

Training in English language is gaining strong ground in the Middle East and North Africa region. This is particularly important in driving the ambitious infrastructure projects that are coming on line, as well as to boost the competencies of the youth population.

English language proficiency is linked to expanded opportunities for youth as well as improved business performance in the region. This has underlined the need for qualified English teachers in the region.

In a recent survey carried out across the MENA, 94% of the English teachers polled (representing all stages, from primary to university) conveyed a clear need for new, rigorous teacher certificate programs in their countries.

Even those teachers with previous certification expressed interest in such training, recognizing the need to upgrade their skills and improve their job prospects through an internationally recognized program such as PCELT.

GE Foundation has now embarked on an ambitious initiative to support English language teaching in the schools in MENA region through its partnership with American educational organization AMIDEAST.

The new training program for English teachers is being initiated in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, and Tunisia. Currently being piloted in Egypt, additional pilot programs will be held in Palestine and Jordan this summer.

GE Foundation has extended generous support to AMIDEAST to accelerate the implementation of the initiative. The primary focus will be on the public school system, which will stand to benefit most by increasing their pool of competent English language teachers.

This initiative seeks to address the severe shortage of certified English language teachers at a time when MENA educational systems cannot meet this demand and when few training options exist in the region.

AMIDEAST will deliver PCELT in partnership with World Learning/SIT Graduate Institute, a pioneer and global leader in teacher education. PCELT is based on SIT Graduate Institute’s highly regarded and accredited TESOL program, now adapted to the needs of current and prospective English teachers in the region.

The new training initiative is expected to make a tangible change to English language training skills in the region, and in turn help nurture and develop local talent – priority areas for GE in the MENA region.

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