GE celebrates first anniversary of GE Energy Manufacturing Technology Center in Saudi Arabia

GE celebrates first anniversary of GE Energy Manufacturing Technology Center in Saudi Arabia

July 03, 2012 at 09:07am

Media visit to GEMTEC at its first anniversary celebration in Dammam.

The US$250 million GE Energy Manufacturing Technology Center has successfully completed its first year of operations in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

The Center is GE’s largest gas turbine repair and service facility of its kind and has achieved many milestones in the delivery of advanced service technology to Saudi Arabia, as well as regional and global customers since its inauguration.

In its first year, the center has serviced 450 gas turbines, supporting more than 50 key customers based in Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East, Africa and Europe. This underlines the center’s effectiveness in supporting local and global customers achieve operational efficiencies with advanced and localized technology and services. It also further establishes Saudi Arabia as a technology hub for the global energy industry.

To complement the human development goal outlined in Saudi Vision 2020, the facility employs about 400 technologists and is training another 100 under the Saudi GE Joint Technical Program (JTP). Program participants are being trained in key areas of maintenance and repair of gas turbines, electrical motors and generators that are critical to the efficient generation of electricity in the Kingdom.

Over 60 percent Saudization has been achieved to date at the technology center. These achievements are in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2020 goals of promoting localization and empowering national talent towards a knowledge-based economy.

The center consists of three key main components: a manufacturing facility of high technology equipment for the power, water and oil and gas industries; a service and repair center for advanced turbine equipment; and a training center that offers the latest technology and managerial courses for college students, field engineers and other power industry professionals throughout the region.

Recently, GE signed another strategic partnership agreement with TVTC that will train annually 150 select Saudi technical graduates in the GE Energy Manufacturing Technology Center.

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