GE and Iraq: Electricity to Support 160,000 Households

GE and Iraq: Electricity to Support 160,000 Households

August 28, 2012 at 02:08pm

Collaborating for a sustainable future for Iraq means government partnerships, customer relationships and in-country development. It means bringing our advanced technologies and solutions to help with rebuilding and development. And it means making a meaningful commitment to improving the lives of the country’s people in the ways we know best.

When we partner to drive change, we all make progress. And when we say this, it’s more than just a motto. In Iraq, making progress means empowering hospitals with the advanced diagnostic technologies to promote early detection of breast cancer. It means helping the Iraqi airline industry better connect the people and goods in the country. And it means tackling the country’s urgent electricity needs.

The Taji Power Plant, the newest power plant in the greater Baghdad area is doing just that. It features GE technology and adds 160 Megawatts of critical capacity to the Iraqi Grid. Today, the plant is generating enough electricity to support about 160,000 households. Now that’s empowering change for the better! Stay tuned to GE Hewar as we share more information on how we are partnering for sustainable growth in Iraq, and feel free to ask questions along the way.

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  1. GEORGE DCOSTA says:

    while GE makes its business trade mark in Iraq,I have also seen the similar development in India . if the thoughts are clear then the vision and mission is successful as this directly connects the people and thus progress for the country and GE.


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