GE Algeria Turbines: Equipment is Only Part of What It Will Produce

GE Algeria Turbines: Equipment is Only Part of What It Will Produce

November 20, 2017 at 02:11pm

It’s hard to say what will be the most important output produced at the GE Algeria Turbines (GEAT) plant currently under construction in Ain Yagout, Algeria. Is it the first gas turbines ever to be manufactured in Algeria? Or the extensively trained and highly skilled local workforce?

The scale of training and capacity building was recently on display during a GEAT plant session held at Sylabs in cooperation with the Women in Tech club, an initiative of GE and Sylabs.

“Our ambition is not only to recruit and develop local capabilities, but also to train and perfect key technical expertise and future Algerian industrialists,” explained Fabien Thevenot, Managing Director of GEAT. “For this, we have set up specialized training programs in Algeria and abroad to ensure a high qualification of our employees in a sector that remains new and niche in the country.”

GEAT, which aims to begin production by early 2019, also plans to host apprentices in partnership with training centers nationwide.

During the presentation, HR Manager of GEAT described the many job opportunities available, including method engineers, quality and production engineers, and purchasing engineers. They also highlighted how these jobs will use advanced IT and Industrial Internet of Things systems to operate and manage the equipment.

Training at GEAT has three levels. The first level seeks to certify both junior and senior employees in Algeria in order to consolidate and complete their technical background. For this, GEAT will call on specialized state-owned and private training centers, as well as research centers. Then and if necessary, these local training courses will be supplemented by training abroad in specialized centers, especially in the case where international certifications are required. As a last step, employees who have acquired sufficient technical backgrounds can specialize in their respective trades as part of a business training with GE experts.

The leadership training component will cover management of turbine production and command-control operations, service and maintenance operations, HR, finance, project management and IT. Operators will receive extensive instruction on quality control techniques from specially qualified GE production engineers. This will help ensure GEAT turbines meet GE’s international standards.

The GEAT complex will produce gas and steam turbines, generators, and control systems to support Algeria’s power generation needs for years to come.

The pant has already begun its recruitment process, with the primary goal of reaching 45 employees by the end of 2017. 18 people have already been recruited, 50% of whom are women, and 3 young graduates.

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