GE’s Innovative Solution designed to help ethylene manufacturers achieve business goals

GE’s Innovative Solution designed to help ethylene manufacturers achieve business goals

October 18, 2011 at 08:10am
Giorgio Greco, Global Platform Manager, Refinery and Petrochemicals, GE Oil & Gas talks about why GE is working on a solution for Ethylene producers.

It may not be that far-fetched to say that ethylene is the building block of modern life – it is after all the fundamental component of nearly all plastic items we use every day. Being at the heart of the petrochemical industry, ethylene also happens to be the most produced organic compound in the world today.
According to, petrochemicals production in the Gulf is expected to increase by almost 50 percent by 2015, at which point the region will be supplying a fifth of the world’s petrochemicals output. This is in line with the region’s ambition of diversifying its economy from hydrocarbon. To further support the region achieve this ambition, GE is developing an advanced integrated solution that is designed enable ethylene producers reach their business goals.
To be showcased at the Middle East Chemical Week, GE’s innovative automated integrated anti-fouling solution is aimed at supporting the petrochemical industry achieve greater efficiency while lowering operating costs. In a typically sized ethylene production plant, each 1 percent efficiency gain can save between $300,000 and $500,000 per year or more, depending on local energy costs.

GE’s solution involves a sense-diagnose-remediate system which tracks the build-up of fouling deposits on charge gas compressors in ethylene manufacturing lines, deposits that can greatly reduce manufacturing efficiency or force unplanned shutdown of the plant production if left to grow unchecked. The system will be installed for demonstration in Poland at PKN ORLEN, one of the world’s leading ethylene manufacturers, until the end of 2012, after which GE plans to commercialize the system throughout the industry.

The new technology, developed at the GE Global Research Center, uses advanced fiber optic sensor technology integrated with machine monitoring and diagnostics technology, enabling plant managers to operate the unit more smoothly and for a longer time even in the presence of wide fluctuations in production requirements. In addition, this solution enables higher flexibility in feedstock selection—a common requirement in today’s unstable feedstock market.

GE’s automated integrated anti-fouling solution will be showcased alongside other integrated technology solutions for the petrochemical industry at booth 10 in the Middle East Chemical Week, in Abu Dhabi from October 16 to 19, 2011.

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