From Sea Floor to Data Lakes, BHGE is Helping Transform Egypt’s Oil and Gas Sector

From Sea Floor to Data Lakes, BHGE is Helping Transform Egypt’s Oil and Gas Sector

March 05, 2018 at 03:03pm

From the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea to the middle of data lakes in the cloud, BHGE is helping to transform Egypt’s oil and gas sector. Along the way, BHGE is creating high-skilled jobs, boosting the industrial supply chain and enabling digitization.

As a result, a new agreement between BHGE and Petroleum Projects & Technical Consultations Company (PetroJet) will result in new demand in the local supply chain for high-quality manufacturing output and new high-skilled jobs for Egyptians.

This agreement which will see PetroJet significantly increase the oil and gas manufacturing it does for BHGE projects, will boost knowledge transfer, as BHGE works with supplier ‘companies to improve their capabilities in product quality, on-time delivery and cost.

Under the deal, PetroJet will provide manufacturing and fabrication services for BHGE’s upstream oil and gas operations in Egypt, including the fabrication, construction, and testing of heavy-duty structures and components for BHGE’s subsea production system for the super-giant Zohr Gas Field.

In a separate memorandum of understanding, BHGE will create a system for the ministry to manage bid rounds using BHGE’s advanced digital solutions for data consolidation and aggregation.

The solution will use a secure central data lake for the digital transformation of the ministry’s National Data Center in a move that will contribute to the energy sector’s ongoing growth and its appeal to international investors.

Both the PetroJet and Ministry of Petroleum projects support Egypt’s Modernization Program in the oil and gas sector by deepening manufacturing capabilities in the sector, improving upstream contractual frameworks, enhancing operational efficiency, and promoting Egypt as a regional gas hub.

BHGE also will provide training to skilled professionals in the petroleum sector that will be managing the project, thereby contributing to the advancement of local digital capabilities.

“Egypt has a wealth of human capital with strong technical capabilities,” said Ayman Khattab, Vice President of BHGE for the South Gulf and Egypt. “Together with partners, we can build local know-how and create jobs to support industrial and economic growth in country.”

As part of the MoU with the Ministry of Petroleum, BHGE will oversee managing, operating and financing Egypt’s Upstream Gateway Project and will be providing the right digital infrastructure, platform and applications to support the project. BHGE also will provide consultancy services for bid rounds, asset valuation and promotion of bid round blocks, and predictive algorithms for bid round management.

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