From GE Garages to the GE Store, Innovation was on display at the 48th FIA

From GE Garages to the GE Store, Innovation was on display at the 48th FIA

June 07, 2015 at 06:06pm

During the recently concluded Algiers International Fair (FIA), one of Algeria’s most prestigious trade exhibitions that marked its 48th year, GE presented its creative approaches to innovation — from its I.D.E.A. manufacturing competition in Algeria to the global GE Store, its in-house global research center.

But perhaps most interactive and engaging presentations at the GE stand was “GE Garages,” a demonstration of today’s cutting-edge, advanced manufacturing technologies such as 3D printers.

By providing exhibition visitors a glimpse into the future of manufacturing and the vast possibilities its offers, GE demonstrated its commitment to bringing new ideas that can, in turn, support the major engines of Algeria’s growth: human capital, job creation, entrepreneurship and innovation.

At the GE stand, FIA visitors also learned about an entrepreneurial initiative developed by GE and Sonelgaz, the National Company of Electricity and Gas, called I.D.E.A. (Industry and Entrepreneurship Development in Algeria), a first-of-a-kind entrepreneurship program to nurture local innovation in the energy-sector supply chain and foster Algerian talent for industrial jobs.

The first major element of the I.D.E.A. program is a competition designed to identify Algerian-based suppliers, start-ups and entrepreneurs capable of manufacturing stainless steel parts used in gas turbine combustion systems. The first round of the competition has already been held and its winners announced.

Another important aspect of how GE drives innovation for its customers in Algeria and beyond is the company’s global research center — the GE Store for Technology — where more than 3,600 GE engineers and scientists from across the globe strive to develop tomorrow’s solutions. The strength of GE Store is the sharing of discoveries across the many different disciplines within GE. For example, technologies being used in the aviation sector can be re-envisioned for application in the field of medical imaging.

A local example of this commitment to creating opportunities for cross-sector innovation is seen in ALGESCO, a joint venture between GE, Algeria’s oil & gas company Sonatrach and Algeria’s national electricity and gas company Sonelgaz. In operation for more than 20 years, the ALGESCO facility houses not only a turbomachinery repair center for oil and gas equipment, but also a repair and maintenance centre for gas turbines used for power generation.

GE’s history in Algeria — at more than four decades — is nearly as old as the exhibition itself. And like the FIA, GE works to bring solutions to the country to solve its customers’ business and environmental challenges, particularly in the sectors of power and water, oil and gas, aviation and healthcare.

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