From Fetal Heartbeats to Delicate Lungs: GE Healthcare Is Enhancing Care in the Kingdom

From Fetal Heartbeats to Delicate Lungs: GE Healthcare Is Enhancing Care in the Kingdom

May 18, 2015 at 01:05pm

Sometimes amazing technology can remind us that our tough, durable bodies that can handle all types scrapes, bumps and even more serious injuries are also extremely soft and fragile. The images from a cutting edge “4-D” ultrasound and the delicate precision of a ventilator that takes extra care with sensitive lung tissue make the point with great clarity.

GE Healthcare’s Voluson E10 ultrasound is so advanced, for example, that it emits signals and processes information fast enough that doctors and parents can watch in real-time the tiny beating heart of a fetus and the rest of its physiognomy while still inside the womb. Not only does the Voluson E10 provide 3-D images showing the most delicate details of the unborn baby’s tiny fingers and toes, but also the development of the brain.

Featuring the world’s first curved-matrix electronic 4D probe designed specifically for obstetric and gynecological applications, the technology allows doctors to monitor a child’s brain and heart development from as early as the first trimester. The 4D probe uses more than 8,000 piezoelectric crystals to electronically steer the ultrasound beam and provide improved clarity and speed.

Another example, GE Healthcare’s CARESCAPE R860 ventilator facilitates breathing in critical care settings, while protecting the delicate and highly sensitive structure of the lung. Too much volume or pressure from mechanical ventilation can be harmful and this is even more the case for patients affected by lung disease.

Incorporating advanced lung-protection tools and an innovative and intuitive user interface, the ventilator helps improve patient care. It aids clinicians by replacing conventional menus with “Views,” with ventilation display options ranging from simple to the more detailed data, just by pressing the appropriate icon and ensuring access to all the information needed at the point of care.

Both these health-care technologies are in use across Saudi Arabia and are on display at Saudi Health 2015, which begins today in Riyadh. The E10 ultrasound is serving patients at the Sanad Private Hospital, while 28 of the R860 ventilators have been installed to assist patients at the Ministry of Health Hospital in Hail, as well as at the Al Salam Private Hospital, the Al Hayat Hospital and King Saudi Medical City, all in Riyadh.

As a Platinum Sponsor, GE Healthcare is demonstrating just one element of its extensive commitment to the health-care sectorand to the well-being of citizens across the Kingdom. Visit GE Healthcare’s stand at Saudi Health, booth 304-2 in Hall 2

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