From Bananas to Leg Lifts: Simple Steps to Workplace Wellbeing

From Bananas to Leg Lifts: Simple Steps to Workplace Wellbeing

August 14, 2013 at 12:08am

Many adults spend nearly one quarter of their lives in the office, so it just makes sense that we to try to make the workplace as healthy and positive a place as possible. Companies can do things like select color themes that energize workers, inspire creativity and promote feelings of calm. They also can choose specific types of lighting that also encourage creativity, boost productivity and reduce fatigue.

Employees, too, can take individual steps to create a healthier workplace. We can bring healthy snacks and meals from home, do simple exercises at our workspaces, and manage stress.

Bringing a healthy sandwich from home will almost always beat a fast-food meal from the restaurant around the corner. And although it sounds crazy to exercise at your desk, these simple exercises and tips make it easy.

GE knows that healthy employees and healthy workplaces contribute to the company’s success and to its ability to better serve customers. That’s why it has created the Health Ahead website, which is full of tips, advice, recipes, exercises and more, all for its employees. Topic areas include Small Steps, which helps employees begin down the road to healthier living; Nutrition, Recipes, Physical Activity, Stress and Mental Resilience and Smoking Cessation. While designed for GE employees, anyone can visit these areas of the website, which offer articles and videos on countless topics.

For more on GE’s company culture and how GE employees work, click here. For career opportunities in the region, follow this link.

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