Fortifying Iraq’s Power Grid: 14 New Substations

Fortifying Iraq’s Power Grid: 14 New Substations

November 22, 2017 at 06:11pm

To state the obvious, if you’re getting your electricity from the power grid it’s essential that the grid infrastructure between you and the power plant is connected the whole way. GE Power has signed a major agreement in Iraq to build 14 substations to help provide greater grid connectivity.

The deal between GE Power and the Ministry of Electricity will bring much-needed connectivity to areas facing significant electricity shortages in the Iraqi governorates of Ninawa, Salah Al Din, Al Anbar, Karbala, Baghdad, Qadisiyyah and Basra.

Several of the locations are in conflict-affected areas that are in the midst of recovery and so are in immediate need of reliable power to drive Iraq’s broader economic development.

GE Power will develop the power substations on a turnkey basis and provide related equipment such as transformers and circuit breakers that will connect power plants spread across the seven governorates to the national grid.

The project, will also see GE’s support to the Ministry of Electricity to secure funding through various financial institutions, including export credit agencies and commercial banks.

GE Power has already provided power generation equipment for some of the power plants that the substations will be connected to, including the 3,000-megawatt Basmaya Power Plant.

The new agreement includes four substations necessary to distribute power from the plant, which features eight of GE’s 9F.03 gas turbines, four of GE’s D200 steam turbines, and GE’s leading digital industrial applications.

The current agreement builds on GE’s significant legacy of contributions towards strengthening Iraq’s power sector. This includes establishing captive power plants to provide power for industrial use, converting power plants from simple cycle to combined cycle configuration, multi-year services to improve the reliability and efficiency of operations, upgrades solutions to increase the output and efficiency of the existing installed power generation asset base and the implementation of digital industrial solutions to monitor, analyze, enhance and predict equipment health.

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