Flying into the Future: The Largest Engine Order in History

Flying into the Future: The Largest Engine Order in History

November 17, 2013 at 10:11am

With a list price of $11 billion and a total count of 300 GE9X engines, GE Aviation and Emirates Airlines have landed in the record books with the largest-ever commercial jet engine order.

The just announced deal, which comes with the commitment by Emirates for 150 Boeing 777X twin-engine aircraft.

The GE9X engine will be the largest and most fuel-efficient engine GE has ever designed and manufactured. Selected earlier this year to power the Boeing 777X, the GE9X will feature several technology breakthroughs, including aviation’s largest-diameter front fan, and GE’s most fuel efficient jet engine ever, with a 10% improvement in fuel burn over the GE90-115B, itself an efficient engine that in GE’s ecomagination portfolio of products developed to help enhance GE customers’ environmental and operating performance.

The first full GE9X engine will test in 2016, with flight-testing on GE’s flying testbed anticipated in 2017. Engine certification is scheduled for 2018.

For more on GE Aviation’s aircraft engine solutions for airlines regionally and globally, click here.

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  1. Aboud Alterjman says:

    Congratulations to GE Aviation team this GREAT achievement.


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