Fluent in Machine Language: GE Translates Vibrations into Better Performance

Fluent in Machine Language: GE Translates Vibrations into Better Performance

May 15, 2017 at 01:05pm

We all dread the feeling: you’re driving in your car when you begin to notice the steering wheel vibrating. Does the wheel need balancing or has something come loose that requires immediate attention? For high performance equipment in the energy field, even very tiny vibrations provide an early indication of potential failures.

The difference, however, is in the scale of vibration being assessed and the potential risks, whether to high-value assets or personnel safety. In equipment, such as steam turbines, gas turbines, pumps and compressors, the sensors are looking for vibrations on the tiniest scale. That’s because when equipment is spinning at thousands of revolutions per minute, you need to catch out-of-scope vibrations early, before it causes damage, or impacts performance and availability.

GE’s Bently Nevada vibration and condition monitoring offers a range of solutions to help oil and gas and power operators gain a holistic view of plant and equipment health, allowing for more informed and proactive decision making, in part by anticipating impending failures and diagnostic indicators.

GE Oil & Gas shared its expertise in the field of vibration and condition monitoring by presenting three case studies at the first-ever International Machine Vibration Analysis Conference Middle East (IMVAC Middle East), recently held in Dubai.

The GE case studies include “Remote diagnostics engineer resolving random vibration on a steam turbine,” by Muthanna Al Jundi, RMC engineer; “Vibration monitoring techniques to identify & prevent motor failures of Main Oil Line (MOL) pumps,” by Sankar Ganesh, Technical leader; and “Resolving structural issues on a multi-stage pump,” by Mustafa Shalabi, Lead MDS engineer.

The presentations to industrial plant managers, reliability engineers, and condition monitoring technicians in attendance reflect GE’s expertise in addressing even the most complex machine vibration and condition monitoring challenges across a wide spectrum of environments and equipment – from motors and turbines to pumps and compressors.

“We are pleased that at the first IMVAC conference held in the region, GE Oil and Gas demonstrated its expertise through the distinction of having three case studies selected by the event committee for presentation,” said Nabil Mofti, Services Executive, GE Oil & Gas Digital Solutions Middle East and Africa. “We welcomed the opportunity to share our insights into some of the more technical and unfamiliar – but critical – aspects of the condition monitoring and vibration field.”

Learn more about GE’s expertise and contributions in the energy sector by clicking here.

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