Fast and Flexible: GE’s Power Plant on Wheels Arrives in Yemen

Fast and Flexible: GE’s Power Plant on Wheels Arrives in Yemen

February 05, 2017 at 01:02pm

GE’s “power plants on wheels” are relatively easy to transport, quick to install and have the flexibility to operate on a range of different fuels, making them ideal for volatile environments such as Yemen.

That’s why Turkish power plant EPC contractor Calik Energy will use two of GE’s advanced TM2500 aeroderivative gas turbine generators to deliver 60 megawatts (MW) for the Power Electricity Corporation (PEC) of Yemen’s Al Hiswa Power Plant. The project is being financed by the Qatar Fund for Development.

The units were shipped to Yemen from Hungary and are currently under installation for power delivery before the upcoming summer.

These are the first GE aeroderivative gas turbines in Yemen, and their selection for this plant illustrates not only the flexibility and durability of the generators themselves but also GE’s ability to work with local and regional partners to add crucial electricity capacity to communities – even those in challenging, volatile locations – across the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey region.

“Al Hiswa Power Plant is of strategic value to Yemen to help meet the growing requirement for reliable power to foster industrial growth and the daily needs of people in the community,” stated Özgür Sarikaya, of Çalik Enerji. “The expansion of the plant using GE’s advanced aeroderivative gas turbine generators will enable us to deliver power quickly and with great reliability. These turbines have proved their efficiency and offer fuel flexibility, which is crucial in driving towards uninterrupted power generation.”

The TM2500 aeroderivative gas turbine generator functions as a fast power solution and is often used to provide emergency power. With easy installation, it is a complete turnkey energy solution that provides power wherever and whenever it is needed. It can run on gaseous and liquid fuels without major hardware modifications, and has a start cycle of as little as 10 minutes. At Al Hiswa, the generators will be operated on liquid distillate fuel to support the delivery of reliable power to the people of Yemen.

GE has supported power generation in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey for more than 80 years as a committed partner in the region’s growth and development.

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