Explore Today’s Trending Business Buzzwords

Explore Today’s Trending Business Buzzwords

March 01, 2015 at 03:03pm

What does the “big” in big data or the “advanced” in advanced manufacturing mean to you? How do you see “collaboration” in a 24/7 connected world? Is “efficiency” more about protecting the environment or making companies operate better?

All of these terms, topics and issues are part of the broader Future of Work, a shorthand term describing three interrelated and disruptive forces: the Industrial Internet, Advanced Manufacturing, and the Global Brain.

On our GE Hewar blog, you can take a short 12-question survey that explores these forces and helps you think about these topics. Even more, you can see the survey results and slice them all kinds of way — including by gender, region, industry background and age.

Take the survey and answer questions such as: “What would you like to print in 3D?” or “What can companies do to drive efficiency?” or “In 2030, who will lead manufacturing: humans or robots?”

While it’s interesting to participate in the survey, looking at the results is equally fascinating.

For example, are you surprised that 18-24-year-olds have the highest share (22%) of respondents saying they want big data to help them schedule a vacation? Does it makes sense to you that professionals overwhelmingly (83%) think increasing recycling is one thing they can do to drive efficiency? What’s your view on the role of robots in the future? Those in education were unanimous (100%) that humans, not robots would lead manufacturing in 2030.

The survey has just been launched, so be sure to participate and add your voice. Once you’ve completed the survey, keep stopping back to see how the results change as more and more people from across the region participate. Is your opinion still in the majority? Are you in agreement with others in your field or from your region? The results are fluid, so as more people answer the survey, the totals may shift.

The Future of Work and the forces driving this change provide this region with an opportunity to leapfrog some enduring challenges in areas such as high youth unemployment, lagging worker productivity, and less homegrown innovation than expected. A GE white paper released in September 2014 called “Mapping the Future of Work in MENAT” outlined how the Industrial Internet, Advanced Manufacturing and the Global Brain can be leveraged to benefit the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey region. You can download and read the entire paper online.

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