Even Low-Wind Locations Are No Problem for this Giant

Even Low-Wind Locations Are No Problem for this Giant

February 18, 2013 at 12:02pm

Although some countries in this region, including Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and Turkey, have embraced wind power, other nations, such as those in the Gulf, have been slower to pursue the technology. That’s in large part because of a lack of sufficient wind. However, GE’s newest wind turbine, the 2.5 – 120, has the potential to cause a re-thinking of this situation.

The reason lies in the fact that the turbine’s combined high efficiency and high output unlock higher returns for wind farm operators at low wind-speed sites. The 2.5 – 120 is the first wind turbine to bring together world-class efficiency and power output at low wind-speed sites, capturing a 25% increase in efficiency and a 15% increase in power output compared to GE’s current model.

Equally exciting – both for technology buffs and potential wind-farm operators – is the link between the 2.5 – 120 and the Industrial Internet. The 2.5 – 120 is the first wind turbine that uses the Industrial Internet to help manage the intermittency of wind. When integrated with energy storage, it can provide smooth, predictable power to the grid.

Through its connect to the Industrial Internet the turbine analyzes tens of thousands of data points every second as it integrates energy storage and advanced forecasting algorithms. Meanwhile it continuously communicates with neighboring turbines, service technicians and customers.

These giants feature a 120-meter rotor and a maximum hub height of 139 meters. That’s as tall as a 42-storey building! The first prototype of the 2.5 – 120 will be installed in the Netherlands next month.

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