Equipping Algeria’s Workforce: Training and On-The-Job Experience

Equipping Algeria’s Workforce: Training and On-The-Job Experience

September 10, 2013 at 11:09am

During a visit earlier this year to Algeria, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde gave a town-hall speech that highlighted the solid growth forecast for this Mediterranean Rim-country. She also mentioned steps the country should take to further unlock its potential, including “equipping the workforce with needed skills.”

Also recently visiting Algeria was The World Bank, which reported that youth unemployment in the country is twice the national average. The Algerian government is well aware of these issues and already runs initiatives such as the National Youth Employment Support Agency, and invests in job stimulation, schools, and training programs.

GE, which has been working in Algeria for more than 40 years, also operates a number of leadership and training programs in the country that contribute to these broader workforce development and youth employment efforts.

The leadership-training programs for new employees, both entry-level and mid-career, are one of the most impactful. The corporate entry-level leadership programs offer college graduates valuable real-world, hands-on learning opportunities that blend experience in the office with study time in the classroom. Experienced professionals joining GE can accelerate their careers and enhance how they serve customer through GE leadership programs designed for mid-career employees.

These leadership programs are offered in a wide range of fields, including engineering, finance, human resources, sales and marketing, and communications.

More broadly, GE trains hundreds of Algerian professionals in the energy and healthcare sectors. More than 300 engineers at the GE ALGESCO Oil & Gas Service Center have been trained in-country by GE. The program expects to train a further 100 engineers in the next few years. GE also invests in Algerian professionals by providing extended internship and training programs, and working with local public sector and academic institutions to create a robust pipeline of local talent.

Another example is the recently launched GE Healthcare Advanced Applications Center, which has the capacity to train 1,500 healthcare professionals across a range of diagnostic imaging technologies.

GE has a major presence in Algeria, operating two offices and several facilities in the country, with over 440 local employees serving customers in the public and private sectors, reflecting the company’s commitment to hire local talent and provide career opportunities for educated Algerian youth.

This commitment to leadership building and training is practiced worldwide, with GE annually investing $1 billion on the training, education and business leadership skills of its employees. When GE employees enhance their capabilities, all its customers and communities benefit.

For more on GE’s leadership practices in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, click here. For more on GE work in Algeria, follow this link.

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  1. mounir says:

    thanks for GE he has invested in our country. so i will graduate after a few months. in the field electrical engineer of course i will be with GE employee. it is my dream or getting more knowledge. development and more... regards

  2. محمد الامين says:

    هل يمكن لي التقدم بطلب عمل اليكم كممثل قانوني لشركة GE وانا حامل لشهادة الدراسات الجامعية التطبيقية فرع قانون الاعمال وشكرا. GE

  3. GE Hewar says:

    Hi, Mounir. You can browse through our career opportunities and apply at ge.com/careers. We hope this helps!


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