DUBAL: A Shining Example of Sustained Efficiency Gains

DUBAL: A Shining Example of Sustained Efficiency Gains

December 09, 2014 at 01:12pm

DUBAL (Dubai Aluminium) is serious about its decades-long commitment to improving the efficiency of its power plants. These graphs demonstrate how emissions have fallen over the years, while more power has been produced with increasing efficiency.

As a result, the thermal efficiency of DUBAL’s power plant has improved to an impressive 44.25% in 2012. This means that DUBAL has significantly more power available to produce aluminum, with only a small incremental increase in fuel consumption.

One of the most recent tools that DUBAL has accessed to support continued efficiency gains is the GE’s LifeMax Advantage platform. This suite of solutions combine hardware and software solutions that improve efficiency, lower operating costs, reduce downtimes and extend the life of GE’s B- and E-Class gas turbines.

As DUBAL engineers and executives explain in this video outlining the 30-year relationships with GE, the LifeMax solutions have helped the company produce more megawatts of power more efficiently. They also note that new turbine rotors have shortened maintenance outage times, and that the upgrades are more cost effective than purchasing new turbines.

As well, the OpFlex advanced controls solution  provides DUBAL with Intelligent Internet capabilities that give more advanced controls over turbine operations and better monitoring of the machines. This provides advanced notice of any operational issues and minimizes both planned and unplanned outages.

Explore in more detail how your industrial operation or power plant could benefit from these solutions, using the LifeMax Advantage for B- and E-Class GE gas turbines.

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