Doubling Its Workforce, Just One Way GE Healthcare is Supporting Iraq’s Health System

Doubling Its Workforce, Just One Way GE Healthcare is Supporting Iraq’s Health System

February 08, 2015 at 01:02pm

Iraq is committed to bringing a big boost to the quality of health care available across the country with a focus on treating and preventing communicable diseases, lowering infant mortality, and providing more efficient and higher-quality patient care. GE Healthcare is working hard to support these goals.

Over the past 12 months GE has doubled its healthcare workforce in Iraq, and continues to bring in external expertise in hospital design, hospital planning and education. Beyond its own healthcare workforce, during 2014, GE helped build the local Iraqi skill base by providing training to more than 250 Iraqi healthcare professionals.

Additionally, GE Healthcare recently was selected by Universal Acarsan as a key technology provider for five new 400-bed Ministry of Health hospital projects across southern Iraq. GE Healthcare is supplying nearly half of all medical equipment being deployed in these facilities. Technologies include advanced ultrasound, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MR) systems.

This equipment will provide advanced diagnostic imaging solutions to clinicians across the region and add to the more than 5,500 GE Healthcare products and technologies already deployed in Iraqi hospitals and clinics. GE Healthcare is helping accelerate delivery of the hospitals by contributing its considerable strength in local human capital and infrastructure, as well as its service capabilities.

The five Ministry of Health hospitals are the first of 10 in total to be built in the southern part of the country, and they will significantly increase capacity of the healthcare system there. The five facilities will be located in Karbala, Basra, Nasiriya and Missan, as well as Hilla.

GE is providing the new hospitals technologies designed both to improve care and enhance the patient’s experience. They include Iraq’s first Optima MR360, an MR system that increases patient comfort with a new system design and Needle-Free Suite of applications to limit the need for biopsy, contrast and sedation; the Optima CT580 CT system that integrates with treatment planning systems; the latest GE Healthcare CT radiotherapy units to fight aggressive late-stage cancers; the new MR 450W with Silent Scan, to be installed at two Ministry of Health teaching hospitals in Baghdad and two additional hospitals in southern Iraq. Silent Scan dramatically lowers the sound associated with conventional MR scanners, for a more relaxed exam.

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