Doctors, Patients, Videotapes: Sharing Success Stories in Turkey

Doctors, Patients, Videotapes: Sharing Success Stories in Turkey

July 24, 2018 at 01:07pm

When both a patient and their doctor are happy following a procedure, it’s almost always a compelling story. So it’s no wonder we tell those stories when it happens to us or a family member. A video series from GE Healthcare in Turkey is helping share them too.

 So far, GE Healthcare has produced 14 videos covering topics related to magnetic resonance (MR), PET/CT, ultrasound and other digital imaging and lifecare solutions.

 The stories come from some of the country’s most prestigious healthcare providers, including Yeditepe University Hospital and the Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Training and Research Hospital, both in Istanbul, and Ankara University Hospital and the Bilkent City Hospital in Ankara.

 Yeditepe University Hospital videos have covered the interventional patient experience touching on issues such as bi-plane technologies, synthetic MR and intraoperative MR. Patient and doctor stories from Kanuni Sultan Süleyman and Ankara University Hospital have addressed maternal infant care and how onsite PETCT and Cyclotron enable doctors to identify complex cancers early and ultimately, improving treatment outcomes.  The Bilkent City Hospital video showcases the impact of public and private sector collaboration in the modernization of Turkey’s healthcare sector, and its emergence as a healthcare tourism hub.

 “Customer and patient experiences provide some of the most impactful tools for spreading awareness of healthcare success stories here in Turkey. This is enhanced when they include some of the most respected practitioners and facilities in the country,” said Berksu Karaibrahimoglu, Marketing Director at GE Healthcare in Turkey.

 By developing videos directed at both patients and healthcare providers, GE Healthcare is increasing awareness of some of the most effective tools and procedures available. This can contribute to improved healthcare outcomes in the country.

 Read more stories here about GE Healthcare in Turkey and across the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey region.

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