Disrupting the Conventional Response to Commercial Aviation Disruptions

Disrupting the Conventional Response to Commercial Aviation Disruptions

November 26, 2017 at 01:11pm

Delays happen in every industry, but in commercial aviation the negative impact on passengers makes it one of the biggest headaches airlines face. flydubai is addressing this head-on with a big-data software solution from GE Digital.

Announced during Dubai Airshow 2017, the Predix-based Intelligent Network solution is designed to gives flydubai the real-time tools to predict the impact of operational disruptions, such as unavoidable delays, and optimize recovery back to normal, all while minimizing the effect on passengers, and optimally protecting schedules and revenue.

“With this solution, we can now understand the knock-on effect across our network, and having this software in place will allow us to quickly make the best decisions for our operations,” said Ramesh Venkat, Chief Information Officer of flydubai.

The Intelligent Network solution follows on an earlier collaboration between flydubai and GE Aviation in June 2016 that launched one of the first digital customer solutions built on GE’s Predix platform. Cloud-based Predix is the first Industrial Internet of Things platform designed for the scale and complexity of industry.

These advancements in big data analytics are examples of what Predix is driving in aviation, and they are all supported by GE Aviation’s Middle East Aviation Technology Center, which opened in Dubai in 2015 to support customers’ operations in the region.

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