Digital Power Plants Can Charge Egypt’s Economy

Digital Power Plants Can Charge Egypt’s Economy

March 24, 2016 at 12:03pm

Egypt’s growing economy and expanding population require more electricity to power manufacturing plants, industry facilities, offices, workshops and people’s homes. Building new power plants is part of the solution to meeting this demand; but this also can be done by turning to “digital power plants.”

These digital power plants can help capture the 20% efficiency gains that the Egyptian government estimates is possible by improving power generating efficiency, and also help boost plant availability and efficiency, which the government says is operating at 5%-8% below comparable peers.

GE’s digital power plant and Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions give operators information and insights into their turbines and other plant equipment. They can quickly assess, diagnose, and even predict issues, offering a “digital dashboard” that reveals the complete well-being of plant machines.

APM enables operators to create “digital twins” of their machines by aggregating real-time data, past outage data and even manufacturing data to build a digital clone of each machine. This allows them to test scenarios, predict maintenance and anomalies, benchmark asset performance compared to GE’s global installed base, and optimize asset use.

Underlying these solutions is Predix, GE’s cloud-based platform designed just for the Industrial Internet. Highly adaptable, Predix is the operating system for powerful software that helps unlock these efficiency and operational enhancements. It also supports customizable programs, turning operational data into customized and efficient solutions.

GE customers in Qatar, Pakistan and around the world are using the Industrial Internet to better design and operate their machines and plants. For more on digital power plants, click here.

These Industrial Internet solutions in the electricity sector represent just one aspect of GE’s partnership in Egypt’s energy sector. The company also is a major contributor to the ongoing Egypt Power Boost Program, as it moves into its fifth decade of operations in the country.

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