Digital Industrial World: Predix Powers the Region’s Energy Producers

Digital Industrial World: Predix Powers the Region’s Energy Producers

October 28, 2015 at 12:10pm

Byline by: Azeez Mohammed, President & CEO, Power Generation Services, GE Power & Water, Middle East & Africa

GE today has become the world’s digital industrial company by developing an operating system for software applications that can operate in the cloud.

GE has developed a new operating system (OS) for a whole new type of application called Predix, this OS runs industrial equipment, entire factories, and complex systems such as a vehicle fleet, hospitals, wind farms and train locomotives.

Apps running on Predix are already helping deliver 20% performance gains across systems and machines as diverse as building infrastructure, mining equipment, aircraft engines, healthcare devices, and even government systems.

Regional customers, including those in the power and water sector are seeing huge benefits from Predix. The Sabiya Power Plant in Kuwait is using the always-on Proficy SmartSignal predictive analytics software for improved equipment reliability, asset availability, efficiency and productivity.

Dubai Aluminium (DUBAL) is using LifeMax Advantage and Advanced Gas Path solutions at its smelter’s power plants, also to improve efficiency, lower operating costs, reduce downtime and extend the life of its GE B- and E-Class gas turbines.

We also have provided FlexEfficiency Advance and Advanced Gas Path solutions for Turkish power producer ENKE’s plants, and Predictivity solutions for the Sapphire Electric Company in Pakistan — both of which provide benefits in the areas of efficiency, performance and availability.

By crunching unfathomable volumes of data, these apps help operators avoid unplanned downtime, know with reasonable certainty when critical parts of a machine will fail, and make real-time changes to operations to improve performance and efficiency.

Predix will help drive the Industrial Internet of Things, a force that is creating enormous economic value — as much as $8.6 trillion a year in performance gains, by GE estimates. Predix provides a platform that seamlessly links a wide variety of machines, sensors, control systems, data sources, and devices in real time, and with data integration and management, data analytics, cloud and mobility components.

Predix provides a common and consistent platform that allows developers around the world to experiment and build new apps that will offer new ways to improve the efficiency and reliability of all sorts of machines and systems.

GE’s chief economist estimates that there will be approximately 20,000 developers building apps on Predix over the next year. While most people won’t ever see those apps on their phones and tablets, for those working in fields touched by the Industrial Internet — such as manufacturing, healthcare, power and water, transportation and smart cities — those Predix apps will not only help their organizations run better but might even be managed from their mobile devices.

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