Digital Boost for Pakistani Power Plants

Digital Boost for Pakistani Power Plants

October 24, 2016 at 01:10pm

Two thermal power plants in Pakistan will soon get a big digitalboost that will improve the reliability of their operations. In doing so, they are adding to the growing list of power plants in the country that are turning to GE’s Digital Power Plant software.

These digital industrial solutions will further one of the Government of Pakistan’s goals underVision 2025 to provide uninterrupted and affordable electricity and increase nationwide electricity access from 67% of the population to more than 90%.

The two plants, Lalpir Power Ltd. and Pakgen Power Ltd., each with a capacity of 365 megawatts (MW), will implement software that runs on Predix, GE’s operating system for the Industrial Internet. Both plants, part of the Nishat Group’s power generation assets, are located in Mehmood Kot in Pakistan.

The software solutions will allow the plants’ operators to visualize plant performance, analyze and monitor operations in real time and help identify maintenance issues before they occur, leading to greater asset uptime and reduced unplanned downtime.

GE estimates there is $1.3 trillion in value creation between now and 2025 for companies that are going digital and $90 billion is expected to be invested in the energy industry’s digitization by 2020.

The two new agreements signal the continued adoption of GE’s digital industrial software within Pakistan’s power sector. Examples include the234MW Muridke Power Plant, the 217 MW Engro Powergen Qadirpur Limited and the 225MW Saif Power Plant, among others.

“GE’s industrial expertise in the power sector, advanced digital competencies and proven track record in the country gave us the confidence to adopt their solutions to improve the reliability of operations at our power plants,” said Hassan Mansha, Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lalpir Power Ltd. and Pakgen Power Ltd.

Lalpir and Pakgen operate the largest steam turbines deployed in Pakistan. The agreements with them also underscore GE’s enhanced capabilities and comprehensive experience of technologies developed by other original equipment manufacturers (oOEM) in the thermal power sector, after its acquisition of Alstom’s energy portfolio in 2015.

GE has been a long term partner in Pakistan’s progress for more than 50 years, creating over 400 employment opportunities in the country. Today, GE-built technologies generate more than 25 percent of Pakistan’s electricity, while GE and its joint venture partners power more than 60 percent of the aircraft operated by Pakistani commercial carriers and GE Healthcare devices are installed in more than 70 percent of large hospitals across the country.

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