Developing Valuable Resources: Above and Below Ground

Developing Valuable Resources: Above and Below Ground

September 26, 2016 at 01:09pm

A just-signed agreement between GE and Petroleum Development Oman might look like it’s only about helping Oman improve access to oil and gas reserves. But it’s also very much about tapping another natural resource that’s even most valuable: its people.

As part of a landmark long-term, contract to provide Progressive Cavity Pump equipment (PCP) and related services, GE and local partner Edgo will support PDO’s “In Country Value” strategy to promote localized sourcing, develop Local Community Contractors (LCCs) and strengthen Omani talent development through training programs.

Through this agreement, GE Oil & Gas will sub-contract services to local contractors, whose employees will be trained to provide various aspects of PCP services. Engaging local contractors is crucial to driving local talent development and fostering economic development in Oman’s southern regions.

This pump equipment is just part of the portfolio of products and services that GE Oil & Gas provides to the upstream energy sector across the region. Many of these are being displayed at the GE booth at the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Dubai.

At its booth, GE Oil & Gas isshowing how it is creating new technologies and practices to optimize field performance, particularly crucial in the current challenging price environment.

During the conference, GE also is demonstrating its leadership as a digital industrial company by helping oil and gas customers use digital and technical solutions to maximize productivity and minimize risks.

These Industrial Internet solutions include automation and digitization services, and big data analysis software, such as Intelligent Pipeline and Asset Performance Management.

Reflecting this leadership, GE experts are participating in several discussion sessions. Maria Sferruzza, General Manager Service, Turbomachinery Solutions, GE Oil & Gas, is speaking on a panel about “Women in Leadership: The Value of Gender Diversity in Industry.”

She will talk about how GE sees diversity as part of the company’s core foundation and how GE recognizes that diversity fosters a limitless source of ideas, while the organization’s inclusiveness energizes teams and fosters teamwork and innovation.

Reflecting the company’s heritage of innovation, Mahmoud Kassem, Executive Vice President, Surface, GE Oil & Gas, will participate in a panel called, “Radical New Ideas: Innovation Beyond the Limits.” He will discuss how GE Oil & Gas customers are benefitting from new solutions that draw on the company’s heritage of innovative and unique resources such as the “GE Store.

Kassem also will discuss GE’s ongoing Industrial Internet led journey toward digital-industrial services and solutions that will provide upstream developers and operators with a “digital oil field.”

GE has been helping customers in the oil and gas industry in the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and Pakistan address their biggest challenges for more than 80 years.

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