Developing Engineers: Key to Kingdom’s Development

Developing Engineers: Key to Kingdom’s Development

October 31, 2016 at 01:10pm

A just-released study by the UK-based Royal Academy of Engineering finds that a strong engineering infrastructure in a country correlates to strong economic development. It also says Bahrain’s engineering system ranks right in the middle among GCC states. That’s set to improve, following a new initiative by GE and the University of Bahrain.

Boosting engineering in the Kingdom – and thereby bolstering economic development broadly – is at the he

art of a just signed long-term agreement between GE and the University of Bahrain to work on educating, developing and training mechanical, electrical, industrial and computer engineering students that want to work in the digital, power and aluminum smelting sectors.

This agreement looks to develop a vibrant research and development ecosystem in the Kingdom, while also promoting talent management and development, and leadership skills among young Bahraini engineers.

Under the agreement, GE will support university seniors in their graduation projects by offering resources and know-how, and also providing training to Bahraini students through hands-on industry experience.

GE also will provide summer internship opportunities for University of Bahrain students, and host seminars, short courses and workshops for both university students and Bahraini engineering professionals.

The initiative exemplifies the spirit of public-private partnership and industry-academic collaboration that provides the ideal mechanism to deliver training and encourage applied research among Bahraini students, graduates and young professionals. It also will develop the engineering skills they will need to enter the workforce.

“Through our collaborative efforts with the University of Bahrain, we aim to build a strong talent pool of young Bahraini professionals who can assume technical and leadership roles in industry,” said Joe Anis, President & CEO of GE Power Services in the Middle East and Africa. “Today, digital industrial technologies are redefining the way industry operates, and it is important that we train our next generation of professionals on the real needs of the industry.”

GE has been supporting Bahrain’s power and energy infrastructure and the broader Bahrain economy, with advanced solutions for more than 80 years. This includes a Customer Application Centre (CAC), one of eight that also include Brazil, Italy, the United States, the UAE, Russia, China and Singapore.

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