CFM56 at the Paris Air Show: Legendary GE engine still flying high

CFM56 at the Paris Air Show: Legendary GE engine still flying high

June 23, 2011 at 08:06am

Airlines looking for a jet engine that combines a long, reassuring pedigree with state-of-the-art performance are increasingly turning to the CFM56-5B – a high tech masterpiece that powers almost two-thirds of Airbus A320 aircraft flying today.

Jazeera Airways was the first Middle East carrier to adopt this engine, when it launched on 2005, and at the Paris Air Show it has expanded its fleet to 15 aircraft with orders for four new Airbus 320s– all to be powered by the CFM56-5B. The engine order alone is worth $80 million.

Based on a tried and tested design that dates back to the 70s – one which has racked up more than 53,000 cumulative years of use – the CFM56 is one of the mainstays of commercial aviation. Jazeera has opted for the latest variant, the CFM56-5B in Performance Improvement Package (PIP) configuration, which boasts a 0.5% improvement in fuel burn, hardware changes to the core, including new high-pressure turbine blade, as well as manufacturing changes to the fan compressor blades and vanes to improve performance.

The engines are built by CFM International, a 50-50 joint venture between Snecma (Safran group) and GE. It’s the world’s leading supplier of commercial aircraft engines, having delivered more than 22,200 engines to 500 operators the world. So, wherever you’ve been in the world, chances are high it was CFM56 that took you there, swiftly and safely.

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