Care Boxes and Clothes for Kids: GE Volunteers Share the Ramadan Spirit in the UAE

Care Boxes and Clothes for Kids: GE Volunteers Share the Ramadan Spirit in the UAE

June 11, 2018 at 02:06pm

During Ramadan last year, GE Volunteers collected enough money, food and other goods to prepare 400 Ramadan Care Boxes. This year they aimed to beat that by 150%. Instead, they prepared 1,500 boxes, a 275% increase!

That means thousand more disadvantaged families and laborers across the emirates were touched by GE Volunteers this year as part of the Ramadan spirit of giving. In all, GE employees contributed more than 30,000 kgs to the cause, while more than 100 GE Volunteers worked to sort and pack and distribute the 1,500 boxes.

Organized in cooperation with Ro’yati Family Society, a UAE-based charity, the GE Volunteers’ Ramadan Care Boxes contained donated and purchased food, including rice, flour, oil, grains, pulses, sugar, drinks, biscuits, tea and dates.

This activity was complemented by another Ramadan project that helped share the joy of the Holy Month with 130 disadvantaged children. Instead of buying clothes for them, as is the tradition everywhere, this gave them the opportunity to go shopping by themselves for Eid. It was an awesome experience for the volunteers to see the kids run around the store shopping to their hearts content! The volunteers funded the clothes purchase where each child could select two outfits and a pair of shoes. This ‘Joy of Eid’ initiative was in partnership with RedTag and Rawafed Center which operates under the Red Crescent UAE umbrella.

Ro’yati Family Society operates a number of programs, including its flagship “Conserving Bounties” program, which seeks to eliminate waste by ensuring that surplus food, toys, clothes and furniture is shared with members of our community that have limited resources. The GE Volunteers’ Ramadan Care Boxes was organized under this Conserving Bounties program.

“Our Ramadan activities are part of a year-round commitment from GE and its employees to support the UAE’s national commitment to humanitarian and community-building activities that represent a pillar of the UAE’s vision to be a model of tolerance, co-existence and building up communities in need,” said Yoshito Murakami, Chief Financial Officer for GE Power Services in Africa, India and the Middle East. He also leads the GE Volunteers program in the UAE.

GE Volunteers has been active in the UAE for a decade, and last year, GE Volunteers across the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey region participated in 1.3 million hours of community service.

Most recently, GE employees helped renovate playground and sports facilities at the National Charity School in Ajman, UAE.

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