Breakthrough Power Technologies as MENA Looks to Triple Electricity Generation

Breakthrough Power Technologies as MENA Looks to Triple Electricity Generation

October 12, 2014 at 02:10pm

In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), total electricity generation is expected to nearly triple, between 2010 and 2050, even under a conservative growth scenario, according to the London-based World Energy Council. This is forecast to include spending of between $360-$370 billion on natural gas-fueled power plants during that period.

With this new electricity urgently required to meet growing demand from population growth and expanding economic activity such as value-added manufacturing, it’s vital that existing and new power generating technology be as efficient, environmentally sound and cost effective as possible.

Two breakthrough technologies from GE are helping address these demand issues, and they were launched in the region today at the opening of the POWER-GEN Middle East 2014 conference and exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

This includes the new 9HA and 7HA, for 50 and 60 hertz applications, gas turbines that have an impressive 61% efficiency when used in a combined-cycle plant. The 9HA leads the industry in output, exceeding 470 megawatts (MW) per unit while using less gas per MW than any other turbine on the market. The 7HA also delivers the largest output of any turbine in its class. Both turbines can ramp up quickly, moving from zero to full output in just 30 minutes.

As well, GE launched its performance-boosting 9EMax solution, ideal for the electricity-hungry region. The service enhancement can deliver up to 143 MW of power and up to 37% efficiency in simple-cycle operation, and up to 210 MW and up to 53% efficiency in combined-cycle operation. That translates to a performance boost of up to $6 million in new annual revenue opportunities per unit upgrade and as much as $5 million in annual fuel savings. This means utilities can deliver more energy to customers for the same amount of fuel.

Another technology enhancement tailored to the needs of the region, the 9EMax solution can be blended with GE’s OpFlex advanced controls software to more efficiently deliver additional power in the brutal heat of the MENA summer. In 100°F/38°C conditions, the 9EMax and OpFlex software can generate up to 125 MW of power with nearly 36% efficiency in simple-cycle operation.

Look for GE at POWER-GEN Middle East at Hall 4, Booth E2, ADNEC. For more about GE’s power solutions in the MENA region, Turkey and globally, click here.

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