Beach Cleanup in Algiers Nets 1500kg

Beach Cleanup in Algiers Nets 1500kg

June 16, 2013 at 02:06pm

Most of the time, going to the beach is about playing and swimming in the water, catching some sun or picking up seashells. But on one recent morning, 150 visitors to the beach in Algiers collected something else entirely: 50 bags of refuse weighing 1500kg!

Fifty GE Volunteers in Algeria teamed up with members of the Lions Club Alger Lumière and the Algiers Department for Fisheries and Environment for the beach clean-up, which also involved 50 children in need from Aïn Bénian. These children were joined by GE Volunteers and the Lions Club Alger Lumière participants for a range of fun activities, while the remaining volunteers cleaned up the beach.

The event began with a few welcome words from Touffik Fredj, President and CEO of GE North West Africa, to the assembled group, all of whom received GE Volunteers T-shirts and caps. The kids watched a short movie on marine pollution, and then moved on to a full schedule that included a drawing contest about the environment, sliding down a giant playground slide, playing soccer on the beach, and getting useful first-aid training. At the end of the day, each child received a GE medal for participating in the day’s many games.

After the cleanup, both adults and children gathered for a lunch.

GE Volunteers in Algeria is led by a team of committed project leaders, who work – one initiative at a time –to lead by example, demonstrating to the community how GE works for Algeria.

GE is a long-term community and economic growth partner to Algeria, with two offices and two facilities in the country, and a total workforce of more than 440 people, including more than 50 women professionals.

For more on GE’s activities in Algeria, click here.

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