Answering Your Call in 10 Seconds or Less

Answering Your Call in 10 Seconds or Less

October 28, 2013 at 10:10am

It is said, “Time is money.” But in healthcare, time can determine the quality of an outcome and the saving of a life.

GE Healthcare knows this. That’s why its two brand-new service centers in Dubai and Amman will answer customer calls in no more than 10 seconds.

These two service centers will use the latest communication tools to connect customers across the Middle East with technology experts almost instantly. The result is enhanced care to patients, and improved efficiency to hospital and clinic operations.

Through the service centers, customers can quickly access onsite and online technical support, and ensure fast delivery of tested and quality-assured spare parts. More than 30 certified online and onsite engineers staff the centers, supported by global expertise and advanced GE technology resources.

These include OnWatch, which continually monitors customer equipment to assure optimum availability; AppsLinq, which helps increase clinical competency; and Insite, a remote diagnostic and repair solution that reduces repair time by up to 70%.

Click here to find the phone numbers in your country to reach the call centers, or email for the service center located in the UAE and to reach the service center located in Jordan.

For more on GE Healthcare, click here.

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  1. محمد says:

    انا محمد موسى احب با اكون من ضمن الاعضاء الموجدين على الجروب ويسعدنى بان اكون واحد من هذة الاسره الكريمه على هذا الجروب مع تحياتى الى كل مشرف ومدير على هذا الجروب واشكركم

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