An Additional 750 MW to Power Egyptian Homes, While Burning No Additional Fuel

An Additional 750 MW to Power Egyptian Homes, While Burning No Additional Fuel

July 29, 2015 at 01:07pm

For most of us, steam is something we encounter in the kitchen when boiling water for tea. So it’s pretty surprising to be talking about steam in a story about Egypt’s historic fast-track program to increase the country’s power generating capacity.

What’s the link? Well, GE has just signed a memorandum of understanding with the Egyptian government to provide three D200 steam turbines that will use waste heat from GE gas turbines at two power plants to generate 750 megawatts (MW) of extra power. That means no additional fuel will be used at these plants, even as they add enough additional power to the grid.

The two plants are the West Damietta Power Plant and the Assiut Power Plant, both of which are part of the Egypt Power Boost Program and both of which GE has commissioned this summer, in time to help meet peak seasonal demand. The Power Boost Program is Egypt’s nationwide program to strengthen energy-sector efficiency and boost power production on a fast-track basis.

The new power will come by converting the two plants from simple-cycle gas-fired plants to combined-cycle plants. West Damietta has four GE 9E gas turbines that generate 500 MW, while the Assiut plant has eight 9E turbines that generate 1,000 MW. The heat from these turbines will be used to heat water into steam that then turns the GE steam turbines. This will take the total capacity of the two plants from 1,500 MW today to 2,250 MW.

For more than 40 years, GE has worked with local partners to build the infrastructure supporting Egypt’s growth and development. Already, GE’s advanced gas turbines help generate more than 11,680 MW of electricity to millions of homes, businesses and factories across the country.

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