A Truly Powerful Upgrade in Egypt: More Electricity, Less Fuel, Lower Cost

A Truly Powerful Upgrade in Egypt: More Electricity, Less Fuel, Lower Cost

July 25, 2016 at 01:07pm

GE has completed an upgrade at the Nubaria power plant in Egypt that is being implemented for the first time in the Middle East and African, and the third time globally.

The upgrade was implemented on two GE heavy duty 9FA gas turbine that will help Egypt boost power generating capacity before the summer spike in electricity demand. The enhancement improved the power plant’s output by 6.7%, while at the same time decreasing fuel consumption by 3%.

Owned by the Middle Delta Electricity Production Company (MDEPC), the plant saw implementation of GE’s latest combustion solutions for the 9FA gas turbine, including Advanced Gas Path (AGP), Advanced Extendors Combustion and Dry Low NOx (DLN) 2.6+.

“Installing GE’s advanced technologies will help us enhance the operational efficiency and reduce fuel consumption of our existing power plants. This upgrade will also help increase the output of the Nubaria power plant to be able to meet peak demand as we approach the summer,” said Eng. Mohamed El Abd, Chairman of MDEPC.

The upgrade also will improve the 9FA’s availability by 3.7%, allowing the unit to operate continuously for four years without a scheduled shutdown. Additionally, the life cycle of the newly installed parts has doubled from six to 12 years. Together, the results of the upgrade will improve the plant’s efficiency and reduce its operational costs.

This project is the latest in an ongoing commitment to Egypt’s power sector, which also includes recently providing GE’s advanced gas-insulated switchgear technology to four substations across the country and addingother enhancements to power plants and the power grid.

GE has been a partner to Egypt’s development – working with the government and private sector companies in power, oil and gas, transportation, aviation and healthcare – for more than 40 years.

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